Is over-thinking keeping you stuck?


Get focus and momentum with a Career Clarity Call


When you have too many ideas, no ideas, or can't tell anymore if your idea has a fantastic future locked within it, a one to one coaching call will help you clear your head, gain confidence and get into focused action.

This is a great option if you are trying to choose between two paths or are having trouble with a big career decision. Perhaps you've had an idea that delights you, but which you are scared to mention to your friends or family for fear of them laughing at you. Very often brilliant ideas stay locked inside because of this simple reason: you have no one objective to talk to.

My position will be completely impartial - I'll be encouraging you to think about what the opportunity you're considering would give you, and what you're giving up. Voicing ideas can be a wonderful release as well as a clear confidence-booster. Inside your head are many voices - your inner critics - whose only aim is to keep you safe. But in doing this, they also make you fearful of trying. Giving your ideas expression is a perfect way to counter this noisy inner world.


Re-gaining energy


My clients have asked for help with a wide range of career topics that were basically driving them crazy.

You know the phrase, 'analysis paralysis'? Well this sums it up pretty well.

I designed the Career Clarity Call to expose the confusing world inside your head to the cool light of day. 

 That in itself is a relief, but even more welcome shifts include moving from:


confusion to a clear new perspective

inertia to fresh momentum

isolation to sharing your ideas

feeling lost to creating a clear plan

hopelessness to energy and motivation


How does it work?

First, get in touch via the button at the bottom of this page to arrange a 30-minute Discovery Call. This will help me understand the topic you want to focus on and see whether the Career Clarity Call is the best option for you. As coaching is such a personal connection, we'll also check out how well we connect in the coaching relationship.

If you decide to go ahead, I'll send you a brief questionnaire so we can really pin down the topic before the session.

Then, through a 60-minute coaching conversation, you'll have the chance to:


check out if your idea has real potential for you

spark new ideas

connect with what you really want 

explore your options with confidence 

brainstorm ways forward

ditch your fears and procrastination

break through the stagnation

create a clear plan

get straight into action


And after our call, I'll send you a summary of our discussion and agreed actions. You'll also be able to book a follow-up session at a separate rate if you would find that helpful. But there is absolutely no obligation to do this - many find just one call is all they need to spur them into planning their future.


Say farewell to the inside of your head

and hello to your true future!


Can't I do this for myself? How exactly can a career coach help?

If you want someone on your side who really understands the rhythms of career-change, who will actively listen to you, hold a mirror up to your hopes and dreams, honour them, and give you the confidence to choose well then get into purposeful action, you need a career coach!


The Career Clarity Call is priced at £75

What will doing nothing cost you?


But don't take my word for it: 

Talking to Becky at a time when I felt ‘all over the place and turning in circles’ I came out of this very enjoyable conversation feeling much lighter and re-energized. Becky genuinely valued my ideas and in her non-directive yet very systematic and grounded approach she helped me to prioritize my next steps. Now I only wish I had talked to Becky sooner.
— S.B. - University Lecturer, Austria


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