Starting again

with confidence


Set yourself up for success

with this online programme to create

an inspired new season in your life

Your new life starts here

You've done it!

After months of planning and countless setbacks, you've finally succeeded in arriving at this new starting point.

Perhaps you’ve achieved your dream job or finally launched your new business

Have you moved to a new home or even re-located to a different country?

Or you’ve been in your new role for a few months and want to take stock

Maybe you’re still adjusting to a change in personal circumstances and the challenges of creating a whole new life for yourself?

Whatever the specific details of this transition, some things are always true:

Change is exhausting, demanding and confusing.

Change is also about loss and new beginnings.

They can be terrifying and exhilarating.

And instead of pausing to acknowledge this changing season and your achievement in arriving at this place, are you making any of these mistakes?

  • Sleep-walking into a new career, a different lifestyle or a new stage in life without truly noticing this important transition  

  • Dragging old habits and beliefs into this new start, too distracted to acknowledge how far you’ve come and the different person you are today 

  • Powering through endless to-do lists, intent on keeping busy and hoping it’ll all work out fine

  • Ignoring feelings of exhaustion, stress and chaotic thinking

  • Increasingly experiencing imposter syndrome and believing you’re not ready for this change

  • Feeling uprooted and unanchored but thinking ‘it’s just a matter of time’


Believe me, all these are a very natural response to change. To be honest, this is how most people handle changes in their lives. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best way - and you could be setting yourself up for a very bumpy ride.

There’s a much better way!

When you’re starting a new chapter in your life, how do you free yourself from the negatives of the past and make a conscious, aligned transition that celebrates who you are today and the future you really want to create?
INSPIRED - Starting Again with Confidence is a reflective journey to celebrate this important rite of passage and honour significant transitions in your life.

Designed as an online programme, this multi-media resource will empower you to clear your head, review your journey to this point and regain the energy and focus you need to start again well.

You’ll have everything you need to mark this new season and believe you can succeed.

I’ve called it a ‘self-guided retreat’ because you can choose to book a night away to a special location, or if you prefer, arrange your private quiet time at home when you can make this conscious transition. 

How does it work?

In this four-step transition process, you’ll learn how to:

Free yourself from the mindsets, beliefs and limitations that are holding you back

Acknowledge the loss and the grief of losing something or someone

Be truly aware of who you are right now and what matters most

Root yourself clearly in the ‘here and now’

Envision the beauties and opportunities ahead of you

Set true intentions and confidently claim the future you are about to create

In four clear steps, you’ll move from reviewing the past to being totally grounded in the present, and from this anchored place to wholeheartedly envisioning and claiming your future.

With full guidance, two audio meditations and a 16-page workbook, you’ll move with balance and clarity through to your newly inspiring new season.

You’ll be doing everything you can for a successful transition.



So let’s face a very real truth - if you do nothing, it’s unlikely you’ll feel any clearer about this new chapter this time next year. You’ll still be muddling through, feeling swept along by events and unsure of where you’re heading.

INSPIRED is such a well thought out, soulful course. Career transitions are so often overlooked. Before the course I did not see any distinction between my old role and my new career path. This was detrimental to my new business. Now I have a fresh start and can leave behind all that no longer serves me.
— Jillian P. (Hampshire)

In ‘INSPIRED - Starting Again with Confidence’ you’ll also receive:

  • a detailed guide to ensure you are well prepared for the INSPIRED experience

  • 3 videos to walk you through this new start process

  • 2 audios to enable you to reflect on your past, present and future

  • a 16 page workbook to structure your journey and capture your discoveries

  • bonus materials to capture your vision and get your future off to a flying start

  • email contact with me throughout the process - and beyond

  • a 30-minute follow-up coaching session with me to really seal in your learning

  • lifetime access so you can use this empowering process for each new change you navigate in the future

Wherever and whenever you choose to be INSPIRED, you’ll be able to create a mindful pause and set off into your future brimming with confidence and optimism.

I recently completed Becky’s course ‘INSPIRED - Starting Again with Confidence’ following my relocation to Shaldon in South Devon. It allowed me to take stock of my move and to celebrate all that I had achieved to make it happen.
Becky’s course is perfect for anyone who is in a period of transition. As humans we tend to sometimes gloss over our wins and move on to the next thing which needs doing however this course allowed me to pause and reflect.
— —Jennifer Corcoran, LinkedIn Consultant, Devon

Watch my preview video to get the full flavour of this course and how it helped me launch my business and re-set my life with purpose and clarity….


Preview: INSPIRED - Starting Again with Confidence. A video introduction to the course

Who is INSPIRED for?

To be honest, anyone who is in a period of transition in their life will benefit from this guided reflective journey. I developed the process to empower my own transitions from employee to business owner, and after returning to the UK after 22 years overseas and at the end of a 33-year marriage.

INSPIRED would be ideal for you if you are:

starting a new career moving house re-locating to a new country

reviewing your progress in a new position of responsibility

starting out again after a change of personal circumstances (like divorce, loss, or illness)

in the early stages of establishing your own business

embracing a new identity starting again when your children have flown

ready to live with greater intention

ready to let go of the last season and welcome in the new

INSPIRED is based on mindfulness, positive psychology and career and change principles. It will enhance your ability to manage the changes you wish to create in your life or those that have been forced upon you.

INSPIRED will bring you clarity and confidence - but please be aware that it is not therapy and will not replace psychological interventions that some people need after serious trauma or deep-seated stresses. If in doubt, feel free to email me to see if this is the right course for you: becky@freestyle-careers.com

This course is perfect for a quick and inspiring breakaway.

The meditations were wonderful! Not only was it relaxing, but also got me thinking about where I am and where I hope and aspire to be.

This would be great for people who plan to (or have recently) moved to a new place and have to rethink their careers, those hoping to reenter the job market after a period of absence, graduating students at all levels, and anyone seeking career and life changes, but who is unsure where to start..
— Jorandi Scholtz, Pretoria, South Africa
Feeling ‘INSPIRED’ on my own retreat at Watergate Bay in Cornwall

Feeling ‘INSPIRED’ on my own retreat at Watergate Bay in Cornwall


I want to make this accessible to many people so have kept this lifetime access resource affordable at £59.

What next?

If you’re wondering if this is the right course for you or you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you: becky@freestyle-careers.com

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