Freestyle 61







A Wild Heart


Dear Becky

Today you’re 61. Assume nothing. Assume everything. If not now, when?




Don’t assume calm seas and a fair breeze – although

they will be yours most often. More frequent than others fear.

Assume transformation.


Don’t assume love is a white charger.

It’s piebald. Give and receive it frequently and unreservedly.

Assume generosity.


Don’t assume numbers mean success.

Honour your own measures. Stand tall in your values.

Assume your true purpose.


Don’t assume status quo is a good.

Nudge and question assumptions; choose consciously.

Assume curiosity.


Don’t assume location is fixed. Roots are

transplantable, love new soil, fresh light and changing skies.

Assume regeneration.


Don’t assume words will always flow.

Even for beauty, wells run dry. Nurture attention and exuberance.

Assume humility.


Don’t assume skipping up three flights of stairs

will last. Limbs fail. But feel the pleasure and ease in your muscles.

Assume gratitude.


Don’t assume size 10 is your forever-due.

Gravity strikes. But plump for everything that matters.

Assume choice.


Don’t assume perfection is real.

It’s a mirage and feeds procrastination and inertia.

Assume imperfect.


Don’t assume happiness lies over the horizon.

It’s here, right under your nose. In every breath and glance.

Assume a clear gaze.


Don’t assume you have all the answers -

or the latest guru does either. Trust your intuition, your resourcefulness.

Assume capability.


Don’t assume senses will always nourish you.

Oceans, music, cut grass, velvet, vanilla – all these can fade.

Assume appreciation.


Don’t assume you can flourish in isolation,

pull up the drawbridge or stay safe. That’s death.

Assume belonging.


Don’t assume your next decades will

be without pain. Without loss. These are life’s threads.

Assume love.


Don’t assume you can live full and vibrant

while staying small and silent. Listen; be heard. See; be seen.

Assume courage.


Don’t assume day follows night, spring follows

winter, year follows year. One day they won’t.

Assume mortality.


Relish each dance. Each sky. Each hand in yours.

Assume nothing. Assume everything.


Becky Kilsby 2018 All Rights Reserved


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