How We Can Work Together


I work with groups or individuals to uncover possible futures. My job as a career coach is to help you get unstuck, build a vision of the life and work you want and create a plan to bring it to life.

Many of my clients don’t know where to start, some have no ideas, others have too many. Some don’t believe they can choose another direction, others are afraid of what friends or family will say or the upheaval another choice could cause. What they all have in common is a sense of dissatisfaction or restlessness at work – it’s not who they really are (even though they can do it well), it doesn’t fulfill them anymore, they feel trapped and drained of energy.

As your career-change coach I put you first, support you, challenge you, encourage you and give you a proven process to find a more fulfilling life.

We work face to face in the same location or by Skype – both work! You’ll have homework to do, reflections to complete and actions to take – and with this full investment in yourself and in the process, you’ll be moving in the direction you really want.

Becky is superb. She has a natural ability to build a trusting relationship quickly, which helped me feel at ease. She built my confidence, listened and guided - all attributes you would want from a coach. Thank you so much Becky - I feel honoured to have worked with you.
— Liz McG, W Sussex, UK - from Start-up Programme Director to consultancy and e-commerce portfolio
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Freestyle Career Change Programmes

My innovative programmes provide you with one to one coaching through the proven Firework career change process and are designed to help you get in touch with what you want from your life and work, and to create a practical path towards it.

The Quickstep Career Change Series is designed to get your career change moving faster. Sign up to get full details of this new offer. From Clarity to Direction to Action, you can move at your own pace through each of the 2-session stages.

CLARITY: This is all about YOU. We'll explore your strengths, values, achievements, purpose and what drives you.

DIRECTION: You'll generate a wide range of career ideas to explore against your CLARITY findings and start testing out your 3 top options.

ACTION: You'll work on your top idea and create a career-change plan that is both ambitious and practical, and that moves you towards career fulfilment.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have a compelling plan to move into a new direction – one that fulfills your values, strengths and passions.

I loved the Quickstep process and the build up and progression it gave me. There was so much great information, templates and exercises provided, making it great value for money.
— Liz McG, W Sussex

Freestyle Values Discovery

Values are the key to understanding what fulfills and motivates you – what’s important to you and what you need in your life and work. If your highest values are out of line with your work or not present enough in your life as a whole, you’ll feel dissatisfied, restless or unhappy – and you probably won’t know why.

In the 3-step Freestyle Values Discovery package you’ll get clear on your top values, understand how fulfilled they are in your current life, and know how to strengthen and use them to make better decisions for the life and career you want. Through one-to-one coaching and mini-tasks between sessions, you’ll gain values clarity and the key to a life that is true to who you are – a life with work that lets you thrive.

Freestyle Vision Board Workshops

This powerful half-day workshop is designed to help you get in touch with your personal vision. It offers time and space to small groups to open horizons and explore what you want more of in your life. You’ll leave with a Vision Board to inspire and motivate you to build the next phase in the life you really want.

Oprah swears by hers and mine continues to remind me of my own vision for a life that inspires me.

I run Vision Board Workshops in Exeter every season and I'm excited to be creating an online version too – get in touch for the next dates and details. 


If you'd like a one-off career consultation to rejuvenate your career-change, a bespoke version of the coaching packages I offer, advice on your CV, Linkedin profile or applications, just get in touch and we'll design how we can work together.


I've recently created The Freestyle Career Lounge, a private group for career-changers to share plans, offer mutual support and generate new ideas. Get in touch to find out more and meet fellow freestylers.