The Quickstep

Career Change

GROUP Programme


A 6-step programme for career changers who want to create an inspiring working life

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Is your career draining you dry?

You’ve worked hard, enjoyed some success, but you’re feeling increasingly dissatisfied with your current work - it just doesn’t fit the person you are today.

Over the years you’ve invested time, achieved important landmarks, qualified as a recognised professional, but all this somehow leaves you feeling empty, frustrated and pressured.

So what’s wrong?

The chances are your priorities have changes, over time your work itself has changed or you’ve taken this career as far as you can.

This - believe it or not - is normal!

Perhaps, instead of feeling a failure, it’s time to get excited and take a long cool look at what a fulfilled working life means to you.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re feeling STUCK - you’ve been thinking about changing direction for some time but have gone round in circles for what seems like forever

  • Maybe you’ve already TRIED online tests, been on a course or even had a career consultation - but it hasn’t taken you anywhere and now you’ve lost momentum

  • You’re now more CONFUSED because you have some information but don’t know how to join it all up to make a coherent picture. You might have a couple of ideas but no clue how to make a balanced decision

  • You’re also starting to feel UNHAPPY a) that you can’t figure this out or b) in the fear that you’ll have to spend the rest of your life doing this work

  • You’re feeling more and more HOPELESS - even though you have a great idea, you can’t see how it can possibly earn you enough to live on

  • LOST - how to escape this dilemma and make progress?

  • You’re starting to feel time is running out - if you don’t do this now, it’ll just be too late

  • LONELY - are you really the only one on the planet who feels this way?

Maybe you don’t know what else you could do or how you can be sure a new direction would be any more inspiring?

I really understand these feelings because I’ve lived through two careers that suited me for a while, but gradually wore me down.

Eventually, I found the courage to explore what else I could do. Then I re-trained and made those things a new career!

Using my own experience of what works, plus the proven Firework programme, I’ve created a learning experience that will enable you to make the best possible choice for the next phase of your career or your life.

So let’s face a very real truth - if you do nothing it’s unlikely you’ll feel any better this time next year.

In fact if you ignore your unhappiness, you could be experiencing anxiety and be in a much more difficult place. When you’re feeling low, it’s harder to find the energy and drive to create a life that excites and fulfils you.

And here’s a hint: You know there’s never a perfect time don’t you?

Before starting the Quickstep Career Change Programme I felt lost, frustrated and scared of change, but by the end I was much more understanding of myself, my motivations and my strengths. What’s more, now I’m taking action to do things that are exciting and fulfilling without feeling like I need to wait for the perfect circumstances before starting
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in the quickstep career change group programme, i’ll teach you how to:

  • understand what you really need for a fulfilling working life

  • know your strengths and which skills you love using

  • get clear on what your ideal working day and your ideal life look like

  • generate a wide range of alternative career ideas, then confidently choose one option

  • create a realistic plan to achieve your vision

you’ll get:

  • 6 live online tutorials (hosted by me) to guide you though each stage of this proven and systematic career change programme

  • 3 hours of individual coaching to help you navigate your career change

  • 25 career change activities to give your personal clarity, direction and a guide to evaluate your new career options

  • a private facebook group for fellow Quickstep Group participants to share ideas, support and experiences along the way

  • email contact with me throughout the process - and beyond

  • online live sessions - so wherever you are in the world, you can join in!

By the end of the programme, you’ll have gained greater personal clarity and identified at least one serious career option and a plan to make it happen. You’ll also be confident that you’ve made the best choice possible!

I loved the Quickstep process and found it useful to break it into manageable chunks. I loved the build up and progression that it gave me without being too daunting! I need to ensure that I now revisit everything (as there was a great deal of information) and make sure I have absorbed everything and can keep it fresh in my mind. There was so much great information, templates and exercises provided and it was great value for money

Quickstep Content

Step 1: Life balance + achievements + peaks and passions

Step 2: The YOU profiler + values + purpose + skills + motivations + interests + personality


Step 3: Your ideal life and ideal working day + generating career ideas

Step 4: Sifting your ideas with the spectrum of possibilities + sharpening your vision


Step 5: Your current reality + Bridging the gap

Step 6: Making a practical plan + claiming your future

Throughout the programme, you’ll be coached to strengthen your wisest self and to more effectively manage your inner critics. You’ll receive encouragement, ideas, a non-judgmental space to explore the future YOU want to create, and full support to make it come alive.


How will it work?

  • before each of the 6 steps, you’ll have reflective work to do which will form a starting point to explore in the session

  • each step will have a live tutorial hosted on Zoom, where I’ll explain our focus each time and answer any questions you may have

  • you’ll also have individual coaching with me via Zoom or Skype - once for each stage (Clarity, Direction & Action) to ensure you’re making progress and gaining personal clarity

Tutorials and coaching

I’ll run a focus tutorial for each of the 6 steps using Zoom. This will allow time between sessions for individual coaching and personal career reflection work. There will also be a recording available for each tutorial in case life happens to get in the way. As long as you have an internet connection, you can join us - coaching works beautifully via Skype and the online Zoom conference call allows everyone to take part.


I’m offering this new group programme to Freestyle subscribers at a very special launch price of just £375.

The normal starting price will be £460, so this really is a great opportunity to work with me and feel the full benefits of sharing your career change with a group while also experiencing personal coaching.

What next?

I want to make this a small and personal group so that every voice can be heard. That’s why I’m capping numbers at 15.

To make sure you don’t miss out, email me to arrange a no-obligation chat. If you decide to join us, you can secure your place with a £150 deposit. The balance will be payable before the first session.

Email me: or use the button below to register your interest in the Quickstep Career Change GROUP programme.

I’ll be announcing the start date soon and I can’t wait to help you create a more inspiring 2019!

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