Quickstep Career Change Programme


You know you need to do something to change direction, but you don’t know what. Circumstances might have forced a change, or perhaps your restlessness and dissatisfaction at work have grown too strong to ignore. This can happen at any stage of your career - early, mid and later career-changers can all share a strong desire to build a more fulfilling future.

I tailor the Quickstep Career Change Programme to suit your individual needs, wherever you are in the world and whatever stage of you life you’re currently living.



What's Included

+A proven career-change process and materials created by Firework™
+Coaching sessions in person or by Skype

+ 25 Career clarity tasks and exercises  between sessions to help you build the future you want
+ Email contact throughout the programme

By the end of the programme, you’ll have a compelling plan to move into a new direction – one that fulfills your values, strengths and passions and that is realistic and practical for your unique context.

How Does It Work?

The Quickstep Career Change Programme is designed to get your career change moving fast. From Clarity to Direction to Action, you can move at your own pace through each of the 2-session stages.

CLARITY: This is all about YOU. We'll explore your strengths, values, achievements, purpose and what drives you. (2 hours of coaching)

DIRECTION: You'll generate a wide range of career ideas to explore against your CLARITY findings and start testing out your 3 top options. (2 hours of coaching)

ACTION: You'll work on your 3 top ideas and create a career-change plan that is both ambitious and practical, and that moves you towards career fulfilment. (2 hours of coaching)

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Get in touch for a free 40-minute sample session

Coaching is personal and we need to know if we’re a good fit. In a sample session you’ll discover what coaching is – and what it’s not. We’ll get to know each other and to explore what you want to get out of coaching. Let’s meet for a coffee and find out how we might work together….



Becky’s welcoming and open manner instantly put me at my ease and I felt extremely comfortable talking with her. Without me realizing, she was able to identify the things that were important to me and help me focus on achievable actions with confidence. I always left our conversations with a bounce in my step and a smile. Thank you!
— Vanessa R.
Becky has a talent for personally connecting with each of her clients to help them spark ideas for their career path and then put these into action! Through sessions with Becky, I have grown more confident about effectively marketing myself in the industry of my choice. My experience in the UK would not have been the same without her.
— Clairre A.
Becky helped me to explore various career options and opportunities enabling me to gradually focus and refine my targeted career segment. This well- structured journey, allowed me to exploit and focus on my strengths, resulting in a job offer from a global company much earlier than I’d expected.
Becky always makes time, and even more importantly, engages with you at a personal level, with personalized material. Her ‘soft nudges’ kept me on track and I have no doubt that her grace and patience can carry anyone along.
— M.Z.