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Build a Career That’s True to You

You already have the power to re-invent your life and work in a way that lets you thrive.

But it’s harnessing and focusing that power that many people struggle with.  


I’m Becky, a career coach in Exeter and I work with people just like you - locally and internationally - who want to capture that power and drive within themselves to transform their lives.  

With three successful careers on two continents, over the past thirty years I’ve developed the art of being lucky. 

How do you get lucky? 

Luck is something we create. It means diving into things that excite and enrich. It means learning new skills and growing emotionally, intellectually and socially. It means getting out from under the security blanket, stretching yourself and being ready for the next opportunity.

When I started living like this, I discovered luck everywhere. 

Every stage of my life has brought new chances to grow. 

A journey of growth

From launching an international teaching career whilst raising three wonderful boys in a strong family unit, to returning to paid work after a career break and living and working in Dubai for 22 years, every step has pushed me forward.

But I didn’t stop there. 

I studied for a Masters and discovered poetry before re-training as a career specialist. Alongside this, I jumped into the energising world of an international literary festival – meeting and interviewing authors whose books I loved. 

When I moved back to the UK at the end of a long marriage to start a new life, I found the true power of coaching and launched my own business, Freestyle Careers. 

It was clear to me that when life throws you curveballs, you don’t have to hide. Instead, you can embrace the change and turn it into an opportunity to thrive, propelling yourself into a life that makes you excited to wake up every day. 



I’m here to help you


As a fully qualified career consultant with over 12 years’ experience helping clients evolve their careers, I’ve also trained with Co-Active Coaching and I’m licensed by Firework™ to deliver their proven career-change programme. 


With an international viewpoint and a belief in clients’ ability to build the life they want, I’ve learnt that by dreaming, exploring and designing, extraordinary things are within everybody’s reach! 


You don’t have to sit on the sidelines watching other people get lucky and wishing it were you. You already have the power to create the life and work that makes you shine. 


Work is such a huge part of our lives and there’s no reason to be stuck in a job that prevents you from thriving. I help those seeking a complete career change, those returning to work after a break and anybody who just feels lost and directionless in their working life. 


I’ve worked with people all over the world to guide them in their search for work that harnesses their strengths, passions and drive. Using Skype, Zoom and the good old telephone, I can help you no matter where you’re located. 


Whether you’re looking for a career coach in Exeter, the UK or are in another country altogether, get in touch for a chat and let’s get you on a path that leads to a career you love. 


Contact me today and let’s start making a plan. 

Encouragement and enthusiasm for my journey was second to none. Becky was never stuck, baffled or confused by my answers, she always knew what to say – this is genuinely reassuring. Becky was warm, full of smiles and as well as being down to earth – clearly knows her stuff!
— Alan Samuel, Rhayader, Wales
Becky is superb. I would highly recommend both the programme and Becky to anyone
— Liz MCG, W Sussex

Media Coverage


I love to share what I know and frequently publish career articles for The Talented Ladies Club and Eight Circles.

My interest in flexible working and findings new ways of working that allow us to use our strengths to express our deeper purpose means I have also contributed to Find Your Flex (The home of flexible working)

I’ve also contributed career commentary to Exeter Living about why 50 is a great time to think about a career change, and have personally stretched my comfort zone to include a fashion shoot for the November 2018 edition of Prima Magazine - evidence below!


I was delighted to be interviewed for Expatclic - The Forum for all Expat Women - where I shared my own expat life story, including working in Saudi Arabi, the UAE, and how I’ve now successfully returned the UK.

I shared 6 Ways to Re-invent your career as an expat with British Mums (Dubai) in a 2-part piece: part 1 and part 2

You can also read my 4 tips for re-inventing your overseas career ‘Lost Yourself Overseas?’ on the Expat Women at Work website.


As a resident career expert for The Group Hug - a community designed to support people who have experienced divorce - I write articles about how I re-invented my life after my own divorce. Once the after-shock have subsided this is actually a good time to think about building a new career and a new life that is completely YOU.

My first article, After the Earthquake - How Can I Create a Better Life? is now live.

I’d love to hear from you if I can contribute to your features about career change, designing a new life, living your values, finding your purpose, or trying new things at any age! You can read more about my life re-design project - Freestyle 61 - in my blog or by following this link.

Photoshoot Prima

November 2018

Photoshoot for Prima Magazine.. stretching my comfort zone!

20181108_092714.jpgExeter Living

Exeter Living

Why is 50 a good time to re-think your career?

I met Becky at a workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed working together. Her strong intuition coupled with her creativity and tenderness expanded my horizons. I left with a fresh perspective on things and I’m grateful for the takeaways I got which have stayed with me. Thank you Becky!
— Thouraya Sayess, Executive & Personal Coach
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