Career & Coaching Questions

Q: What is Coaching?

A: A confidential professional relationship to address the client’s agenda. It involves full commitment from both client and coach to the process, tasks, challenges and questions posed. It is not therapy. In our first session we will design how we will work together.

Q: What is Co-Active® Coaching?

A powerful alliance designed to move forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfillment. The client and the coach are equal partners in the coaching relationship and the work is in service of the client’s agenda. Guiding principles of this type of coaching include the belief that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and that coaching can evoke transformation.

Q: What is career-change coaching?

A: A coaching relationship that focuses on the client’s desire to change direction in their career and life. Coaching techniques will be used within a process to uncover who you are, what drives you and what you want your ideal life and work to look like.  The process allows you to generate many possibilities, then focuses on one to create a viable plan for your future.

Q: What are values?

A: Values reflect what’s important to us and are a way of describing our individual motivations. Together with beliefs, they are the factors that drive our decision-making. Who you are, what matters to you, what upsets you and what underlies your decisions are all connected to your values. Our values are a compass pointing out what it means to be true to yourself.

Q:  How Can I Find Out More About the Freestyle Programmes?

A:  If you need more information beyond the programmes pages, hop straight over to the Contacts page and leave me a message. I always respond to inquiries swidtly and will be happy to help you get clear on which programme could work for you.

Q: I've been on a career change programme before but got stuck - can Freestyle help?

A: Yes! Because this is a personal service, every client is able to benefit from the length of programme that suits their needs (from 1 session to a fully comprehensive 6-session programme). We'll start by reviewing where you are right now and get your career-change moving again. Personal support and individual accountability are at the heart of my work.

Q: I haven't a clue what I want to do next but I know I need to make a career change - can you help?

A: It's totally normal to be unclear about what exactly you're looking for. My career-change programmes are designed to help you to gain clarity on what career fulfilment looks like to you, generate multiple ideas and test them out before creating a practical plan. Clarity grows with every step of the programme.

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