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Are you dissatisfied at work? Despite achieving some success, does your role no longer fit? Or are you at a turning point in your life, but unsure where to look for inspiration for the next phase? Do you have too many ideas, no ideas or just feel horribly stuck?

My career change programmes are designed to help you free your imagination, explore possible futures, then build a practical strategy to create a more satisfying life - including work that engages and fulfils you (at least most of the time!)

Say goodbye to procrastination and get started on creating your freestyle future today -

Scroll down for my 3 career change programmes, for my latest career change articles and my free e-guide to Finding Your Flow - the work that energises, engages and challenges you just the right amount.



Introducing Freestyle Careers - helping you design a life you really want to live!

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Freestyle Career Programmes

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The Freestyle Career Change Programme

If you’re ready for a comprehensive process to re-create a more fulfilling career - this is it! Now also available as the new Quickstep Series to help you get to the heart of your new career more quickly, this programme will help you design a life that is truly YOU.


Freestyle Values Discovery Package

To explore your core values – the things that drive you and are central to your fulfillment


Freestyle Vision Board Workshop

To get clear on what you want more of in your life


About Becky

I’m a serial career-changer. Over three decades I’ve built fulfilling careers in the UK, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, so I understand the art and the science of changing direction – personally, professionally and across continents. As a fully qualified career guidance practitioner trained in the Co-Active Coaching approach and licensed to deliver the proven Firework™ career-change programme, I believe in creating new futures that inspire and revitalise.

We change, circumstances shift and each stage of life brings new opportunities. As your career coach, I put you centre-stage, help you find your career alchemy and bring it to life so that you design a life in which you can thrive.




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