Values Discovery


Do you feel like you’re living someone else’s life?

Values are the key to understanding what fulfills and motivates you, what’s most important to you and what you need in your life.

If your highest values are out of line with your work or not present enough in your life, you’ll feel dissatisfied, restless or unhappy – and you probably won’t know why. 

values discovery is a 2-step process to help you gain clarity on what matters most so you can start leading a life that is authentically you

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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve lost your way and have no true guide to make your most important decisions

You’ve lost touch with what matters most in life and where your true priorities lie

You’re sleep-walking through a life which doesn’t feel like you

Your life is full of ‘shoulds’ - and little of it brings you happiness or satisfaction

You’ve forgotten why you chose this career, location or lifestyle

You’re going round in circles trying to make an important decision

On the surface everything looks great - but something’s nagging at you and you don’t know what it is

Instead, choose YOU

When was the last time you made a conscious choice that you knew was right for you?

When you know your highest values you have solid ground to stand on when storms hit.

You’ll have an anchor to what matters most and be able to make a confident decision that this is the right choice for you.

When your actions are aligned to your values, decisions are easier because they flow from truth and you won’t be paralysed by procrastination because you’ll know your choice is made from your values.

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Values Work!

When I left a well-paid and reliable job to build a life and career that is genuinely and wholeheartedly me, the moment I put faith in my values as my guide, the decision was made.

When I have doubts, or life throws me a curve ball, I stand in my values and know what I have to do.

If, like me, one of your values is authenticity, making values-based decisions is the most authentic path you can take.

When my clients have discovered their top values, good decisions flow.

Cultivate authenticity - let go of what people think
Cultivate meaningful work - let go of self doubt and ‘supposed to’
— Brene Brown

Ready for an authentic life?

In the 2-step Freestyle Values Discovery package you’ll get clear on your top values, understand exactly what they mean to you, how fulfilled they are in your current life, and know how to strengthen and use them to make better decisions for the life you want.

You'll be confident that you can access your values to guide you to authentic decisions and to connect more genuinely with your clients, colleagues and those you love. 

Through one-to-one coaching and reflective tasks between sessions, you’ll gain values clarity and the key to a life that is true to who you are – a life in which you can thrive.


These are my highest values.

Do you know yours?

I use them to make aligned choices, confident that I’m creating a life that lines up who I am with what I do

And let values drive your business

Are you a business owner who is uncertain about the authenticity of your brand? Do you find yourself struggling to truly express who you are, identify and express your authentic values in the work you do and the clients you want to serve?

The Values Discovery Package will help you get crystal clear on what your values-driven brand truly is.

If you're clear on your own values, it's so much easier to genuinely connect with your ideal clients, craft services and products that align with what you prize most - and what will attract your perfect collaborators and clients.


What's included in Values Discovery?

2 x 1-hour coaching sessions to identify and understand your values and how to express them more fully in your life.

Reflective tasks between sessions to dive deeper and achieve the clarity you need to confidently shape a life aligned to your values.

You can arrange sessions to suit your schedule and we’ll be in email and video contact throughout the process. All learning materials are provided.

Values Discovery Package: £159


Empowered to live your values

Values Discovery will be empower you to:

know what matters most to you

use this knowledge to make authentic, well-grounded decisions that express who you really are

put your highest values into action every day

consciously create a life that fills you with joy and satisfaction

say goodbye to someone else’s goals and hello to your own

know where to turn for your life’s affirmative, authentic guide

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Here are what some of my clients have to say:

‘I am in the right place right now.
How do I know that? Because I have aligned what I do with who I am. I come back to my 5 values every week and adjust as necessary…/… So life is good, and I thank you for your encouragement to think things through to get the clarity I use every day.
— Rachel C, Rail Engineer, UK
Now I have clarity about my values and strengths and I’m ready to build a career in digital marketing for a cause that I believe in
— Alice Murgia, International Relations graduate

To find if the Values Discovery package is right for you and whether we will be a good fit in the coaching relationship, click the button to arrange a free 30-minute discovery session.