Values Discovery


Values are the key to understanding what fulfills and motivates you – what’s important to you and what you need in your life. If your highest values are out of line with your work or not present enough in your life, you’ll feel dissatisfied, restless or unhappy – and you probably won’t know why. 

Or perhaps you're a business-owner struggling to evolve your brand to truly express who you are. If you're clear on your own values, it's so much easier to connect authentically with your ideal clients.

In the 3-step Freestyle Values Discovery package you’ll get clear on your top values, understand how fulfilled they are in your current life, and know how to strengthen and use them to make better decisions for the life you want. You'll be confident that you can access your values to guide you to authentic decisions and to connect more genuinely with your clients or colleagues. Through one-to-one coaching and mini-tasks between sessions, you’ll gain values clarity and the key to a life that is true to who you are – a life in which you can thrive.


What's Included

3 x 1-hour coaching sessions to identify and understand your values and how to more fully express them in your life
Mini-tasks between sessions to dive deeper and achieve the clarity you need to confidently shape your life aligned to your values

Frequency of sessions to suit you – weekly is best
Email and Skype contact throughout the process
All materials are provided


To find out if this approach is what you need and whether we will be a good fit in the coaching relationship, drop your details here and I’ll be in touch. You can also request a free 30-minute sample session here.