Quickstep Career Change Resources

Ready for that career clarity you’ve been yearning for?

Alongside our coaching sessions, you’ll have reflective work to do. I can promise you many insights from building on the breakthroughs we achieve together in our sessions - the more time you commit, the greater the rewards.

You’ll find all the Quickstep Career Change downloadable resources on this page. Just scroll down and start this exciting journey.


Before the 1st session

Please complete and return to me before our first session: becky@freestyle-careers.com

Wheel of Life

Clarity Pre-sessional including:

1. Your autobiography

2. Peaks & Passions

3. Ten things I love about myself


Clarity 1 - Getting clearer

Build on your learning from our first session with these resources.

With the exception of the profile sheet (which you will be filling throughout the programme), please complete and return these* worksheets to me before our next session:


This is me (profile sheet)


Powerful self meditation

*Powerful self explorer

Ideas Bank


Clarity 2 - Going deeper

Build on your discoveries from our second session with these resources.

Please complete and return *these worksheets before our next session:


Values Extension


Purpose Audios

95th birthday

Fame Speech

Meaningful experience

*Exploring Purpose

*Work Motivators


*Skills Audit

*My Ideal Life

*My Ideal Working Day