The 5-Minute Game-Changer


If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to ignore your dissatisfaction with your work, chances are that you’ve experienced a significant change in what fulfills you, drives you or gives your life and work meaning. When was the last time you really thought about why you chose this career in the first place and whether it suits who you are today?


Well, I’m calling time! Time for a mini-audit – and I really do mean mini! This one will fit into a 10-minute train ride, a walk in the park, waiting for a dentist’s appointment or a quick coffee break. And what’s more, your answers will point you in the direction of where you could find more fulfillment or excitement in your professional life. Does that sound worth 5 minutes?


The 5-minute Game-Changer

The only three rules here are that you don’t take more than 5 minutes to complete the task, you do give it your undivided attention for the full 5 minutes and that you are brutally honest with yourself!

Here we go.


** Think about what you want from your career.  Rank these criteria in order of importance:

·      Creativity

·      Money

·      Status

·      Colleagues

·      Social impact

·      Or another ‘reward’ that’s important to you


Take a look. Let this order of priority sink in.

And now…


The Après 5

** Now think about your current role. Start with your most important career factor – score how it actually performs out of 5. Do the same for the other 4 (or 5).

What is this telling you about each factor? What is showing up about the overall score?

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘doing it in your head’ – there is something about physically scoring these elements, spending time with each one and honestly evaluating it, that helps you process at a deeper level. Invest this time in what you have already said are the most important things to you about your career. When you consider the ever-lengthening duration of our paid working lives, a 10-minute investment now will surely be time well spent!


**P.S. If you want to move onto the next step (which means actually doing something about what you have discovered) hop over to my Career Change Programmes to see what we could cook up together to bring your values, drivers and purpose into closer alignment with your career. This could be the best 5 minutes you’ve spent all year!