It's Time!


If you could do ONE thing before the end of the year – what would it be?

Today the mist hung around as though it was autumn. I blew breath into the air like when I was a girl walking for the school bus. But I’m not quite a schoolgirl any more…and it seems by the short evenings and turning leaves, that it really is autumn!

So what happened to summer? I had big plans for sunny escapes to the country, the odd long weekend in Europe. I was definitely going to price up new carpets and have a proper de-clutter, to see friends and hit the open road! How about you? Did summer days slip through your fingers? Are you now wondering how long you can avoid those Christmas decorations for sale in the shops and already dreading dark mornings and chilly nights?

Wow. Time certainly has its skates on.

But I have a chink of hope for you – there are in fact 3 whole months before the end of the year. That’s enough time to turn it around – what could you achieve by December 31st? Perhaps that Spanish class you’ve been promising yourself, or joining your local book group? Yoga? Pilates? What have you been planning to do all year – except the year got in the way?

If you really want to make a flying start to 2018, how about joining me for my Freestyle Career-change Programme? By Christmas you could have understood your top values, motivations and purpose; explored energising career ideas and tested some out. You could be on a track for a whole new venture in the New Year. And you could be free from disappointment and procrastination.

So what sounds better to you – regretting how time flies while being caught up in the seasonal whirl, or swinging into action to design the life and career you want for Christmas?

Autumn by its very nature is a great time for change! Find out more about my Career Change Programme here.

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