Want a new career in 2019? Here are my 4 secrets for a successful career change

Do you have what it takes to create a more rewarding working life? Here are my Top 4 ways to boost your chances in 2019…

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Yes, this is more a voyage of discovery than an instantaneous teleport. To design the big picture and plan the detail, you need space, and you need time.


It could take months, or even years to achieve a more fulfilling working life. Be ready for that, know there will be twists and turns and know WHY it will be worth it for you. 


To achieve a new career takes strategy, imagination, resilience, hope and committed effort … over minutes, hours, days and months. Knowing that can be empowering. The long haul. 


Dive in. Be patient. Keep going.



2. Mindsets


The secret mindsets that successful career changers possess:


·     Resilience > sticking at it when you hit brick walls, fuelled by knowing why this is worth the time and effort


·     Creativity  > when one route is blocked, building a bridge, changing the picture, adapting, imagining and courageously trying another way


·     Curiosity > notice what engages you, excites and absorbs, finding out more, delving deeper, seeing where it leads


·     Self-belief > you can do this and you’re worth it. No one is going to tell you different. One life. You want to make it yours.


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3. Process


Yes, this is a process. The way to a new fulfilling life is not random (although following new leads and being flexible IS part of the process!)


Moving through a proven process will deliver the change you’re seeking. It really works.  This is the process I use with my career change clients:


A. Knowing what your ideal working life looks like, its most important ingredients, and what you have already that makes success possible 

B. Generating completely new ideas, being open to different possibilities and linking these to A to make a brilliant and well-informed choice

C. Creating a plan that takes you from here and now to D - your own fulfilling future


And when you reach D, know that it might involve a pivot, a new starting point – and that you already have the ABC to create the new voyage.


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What keeps you going through the inevitable knocks and setbacks when your career change has stalled or hit the rocks? 


You’re creating a better life. What does it look like? It expresses who you are and how you want to live - and these together provide the fuel to keep your momentum, belief and commitment in play.


Bringing that vision into clear focus will keep you going through grey days when paths seem blocked, through blasts and buffets from critics or rejections, through blank walls when you think you’ve run out of ideas (you haven’t), and through the twists and turns of life. It’s messy. 


But your vision is clear and will drive you on. So start there – make it as big, as bold, as colourful, dynamic and as rich in detail as you can. This will be your anchor when storms hit and winds fail.


If you’d like to create a vision board to capture that visual reminder of what it is you’re going to create, you can download my free guide here.


5. I know I said 4 …


But there is also a secret weapon that makes your chances of succeeding sky-rocket. Having someone on your side who is working with you on YOUR agenda (not theirs) will super-charge your resilience, motivation, energy and focus.


WHO can offer this impartial, tireless, motivating support? It could be your best friend, your partner, a sister… but in all these cases be sure that they are not going to try to influence you to their world-view, or limit you to the extent of their own imagination.


Yes, I know I would say this, but I wholeheartedly recommend you do some serious research and engage:


·     a career change specialist who knows what it takes and has experience of guiding clients through the career change process

·     a career change specialist who is also a coach and who can see you in the round – after all you are more than your career and bringing your whole self into the picture is essential

·     a career change specialist who has their own career change experiences under their belt – they will know first hand what it feels like, when those limiting beliefs are likely to ambush you, that change really is possible, and what actually works to bring it about. Their empathy will kick in when you need it most!


If you’re planning to make 2019 the year you really GO FOR IT, take a look at my career change services and get in touch to see whether I could be the one to support, encourage and inspire you to create the life you really want. 


Whatever you decide, promise me one thing: 

2019 will NOT be the year of the ostrich!


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