4 Simple Ways to Prepare for Your Career Change


In times of change, we need all the help we can get. 


Time, people, fears, distractions and myths can all conspire to drag us back, keep us stuck and blind us to brilliant futures. 


Here are 4 simple ways you can clear the clutter, gather breakthrough insights, prime your vision and release your true desires for the change ahead:


1. Audit your Current Role


Think about your current work and answer these quick questions honestly. Just bullet points will be enough to provide the clarity you need:


What do you love?


What do you hate?


What comes easily?


Where are you most yourself?


When are you most energized?



2. Life Health Check 


It’s time to take the pulse of every part of your life.

Use this Wheel of Life on the resources page to rate your relationships, health, work, leisure, spiritual wellbeing and environment. Be completely honest with yourself.

Now time to reflect -

When you look at your wheel, how smooth a ride is your life giving you? 

Where do you need to place some quality attention?

If you’d like to get started in creating routines and practices that will help you to thrive, download my free guide:

The Thrive List




3. Get into FLOW


When do you feel most alive? 


Once you can identify occasions when you’ve been ‘in flow’ - using your favourite skills on an absorbing task with just the right level of challenge, time simply flies. In their book Designing Your Life, this is what Bill Burnett and Dave Evans call ‘play on steroids’. 


And when you can build more of this magical flow into your career, work becomes more of a breeze! If you’d like to discover more about your own FLOW triggers, download my free workbook:


Discover Work that Sets You Alight


This will get you thinking about how you can start to create more energising flow in your working life.



4. Permission to dream


All too often we are hobbled by the assumption that we have to be sensible, settle for what other people expect and what we’re supposed to do.

I have news for you – it’s possible to have a rewarding career AND enjoy it!

 One way to start exploring unchartered territory is to accept this permission slip to dream and answer this question -


If money was no object, what would you do with your life?

Give yourself a quiet 10 minutes to let loose your imagination and drift off into your true desires in life.

Your takeaways from these 4 simple activities

What is your most important piece of learning?

And crucially, what are you going to do with it? 


I’d love to know what you’ve discovered, so please feel free to leave your light bulb moments in the comments below or email me at: becky@freestyle-careers.com


Don’t let this vital information become just another transitory piece of clutter. Instead, use it to inform your choices for a future that’s totally and genuinely you!


If you’d like to discuss your results, why not contact me for a free 30-minute Discovery Call? We’ll explore your findings and the next steps to creating greater fulfilment in your work and your life.


We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.