Top of your game or just about getting by?

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When did you last feel you were firing on all cylinders: engaged, productive and energized?


When did your working life feel fulfilled and in balance?


When were you truly thriving?


Whether your career trajectory is upward, leveling off, stalled, or on a downward spiral, having the best mindset and the most effective wellbeing practices at your disposal can make the difference between a crash or a bounce back.



Can I be honest?


There were times in my career when I was the exact opposite of thriving.  While I wasn’t at rock bottom, I was heading that way. 


These were some of the symptoms that told me I was in trouble:



·     Constantly feeling overwhelmed

·     Running to stand still

·     Someone else owned my schedule

·     Living permanently on auto-pilot

·     Feeling exhausted

·     Unable to see a better future

·     Desperately unhappy about going into work

·     Knowing this was all wrong but unable to see a way out

·     Squashed into a role, an identity which just didn’t fit



When enough of these red warning lights were flashing pretty much all the time, something told me I had to do something.

What really scared me was when the knot in my stomach became a permanent boulder. That’s not normal. And I started to listen.



Recognise a wake-up call


I was lucky that I started to take notice before my health suffered seriously. How many people do you know who have been signed off work with stress, with anxiety, or depression? I was heading in that direction.


I was doubly fortunate because managing change is my professional landscape – I’m a career change coach! So I could recognize these symptoms for what they were: a warning nudge to wake up and pay attention. 


This was the time for me to dig deeper and uncover what was going wrong in my working life – and take action to change those things that were crushing me.


I’ve also worked with a number of career-change clients who have not been at their best when they contacted me. Being off work with anxiety, depression or stress is a clear wake up call, and these clients were driven by a pressing need to take more control of their situation. 


Start with the low-hanging fruit


There are plenty of things we can do to establish habits and mindsets that set us up to be at our best.  This might be before we get a worrying nudge or it might be afterwards – when we’re ready to listen. 


Over time, I’ve developed practices and habits that have really helped me to feel confident, clear, and in balance. And this is what drove me to create a list of my favourites that I could share in The Thrive List.



By creating a way of life that boosted my resilience and wellbeing, I was able to regain the balance I’d let slip. These weren’t huge changes, but their impact was enormous. I started to sleep better, to place my attention on the things I was deeply grateful for, to be honest with myself about my life – and what ultimately needed to change.


By regaining a natural equilibrium, I was then able to take a long cool look at where I was going, and when I didn’t like it, to feel strong enough and clear enough to take decisive action. 


Small changes, over time, add up. 



The Thrive List is just a starting point. But it marks a line in the sand to say – I’m going to look after my mind, my body and my heart so that I can give my best and be my best.


I want to thrive. 


How about you?


If you’d like to take a look at what’s on The Thrive List, and starting putting your own wellbeing first,  click the orange button below!