Dear Becky... (a letter to my 20-year old self)


I was inspired this week to read a facebook post by Julie Hearn, an award-winning writer of books for Young Adults who also teaches creative writing. Julie was incredibly warm and generous at a very difficult time in my life and I always look forward to her updates. One piece she asks her students to write is a letter to their younger selves. She included her own letter in her post this week and this got tangled in my imagination for several days. Eventually I sat down and wrote with love and hope to 20-year-old Becky…


Be patient. Don’t confuse that summer romance with the real thing. You’ll strike pure gold next year. Be patient. But when that fickle urge returns 30 years down the line, just kick it into touch pronto. It’ll save an awful lot of heartache. That drive you have to travel, to live overseas – trust it. You’ll go far and it will feed your curiosity, drive your career and give your children riches beyond money. Yes! Although you find it hard to believe now, you’ll have 3 gorgeous, inspiring sons and they will help you grow into vulnerability. Dig deep and listen to your passions. Believe you do have creativity within you and that it will find you much later than you might expect. It will be worth the wait. Know that learning and change are in your DNA. They will define your path through life, but love and connection will anchor you. That tendency to scare yourself silly in public will stay with you. Be patient. You will find the answers. Continue to breathe every breath in joy and wonder. Each pain will make your stronger. Breathe every breath. Relish. Each. One.


What would you tell your younger self? What hard-won wisdom and reassurance could you pass on?


I loved writing this and hope you will too! I’m really curious to see what you write… link with #lettertome and let’s spread our life’s learning.