'3 Steps to Heaven' - Renew. Refresh. Reinvigorate

Spring is the time for plans and projects
— Tolstoy

Spring is my favourite season. This will be no surprise to any of you who have spotted this theme in my posts and my Freestyle business: re-invention and re-design are the very heartbeat of my career change work.

Helping others first of all believe that change can happen and then watch as they grow taller, feel stronger and reach out towards a warmer sun – this is a wonderful reminder of the miracle of new life.

We all have this possibility within us. We can all change things. We can all break fresh ground.


Find Renewed Clarity

So here’s a question for this most inspiring of seasons: what’s the most important thing to you in life? What would always take priority in an emergency?

I’m betting it wouldn’t be the ironing, the budget reconciliation, that TV Soap, or meeting yet another project deadline. And that isn’t to say all and any of these aren’t important at some time or another. But I’d be surprised if they were THE most important thing in your life.

If you can identify this crucial value or motivation, the people it may involve and the feelings it inspires, you’re starting to get close to the secret of fulfillment.

Do you have the answer?

Is it your family? Is it freedom or autonomy? Is it adventure or authenticity? Perhaps it’s health, friendship or spirituality. Maybe it’s helping others, justice, compassion, winning, or creativity.


Try this -

Which of these 3 Values is most important to you: security, fun or love? Put them in order.

Now these 3: empathy, peace or status

And these: equality, family, loyalty

What you’re doing here is starting to get clear on your values – those touchstones that inspire you, give you courage, purpose, and that keep you going when you’re up against life’s challenges.

These are the qualities that are at the very centre of finding work that is meaningful for you, that gives you a sense of purpose and the satisfaction that you are making a difference and living a worthwhile life.

When you’ve unlocked this particular treasure, you are wealthy indeed. And you have solid ground to stand on when you start to build something new.

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems.
— Rilke


Reinvigorate: Your Second Chance

Another aspect of spring that I really love is the newfound energy it brings. Days are getting longer, the sun really is feeling warmer and who can resist a bank of bright yellow daffodils? So why not cash in on this natural resurgence and re-ignite those resolutions you made at the start of the year?

What was it to be? Getting healthier? Starting a new art course? Learning to ski, joining a choir or starting a book club? Oh I really hope you’re doing well with your new ventures. But if (just if) some of them have fallen by the wayside a little (well in the UK at least we’ve had ‘The Beast from the East’ to deal with!) perhaps now is the perfect time to give yourself another new start.

Be kind to yourself. Start from right here, right now – actually this is the only place to begin – and ask yourself what you want to head for? If you can put your finger on that, it’s a flag in the sand. But often it’s a bit hazy, there are too many possibilities or maybe there’s a storm of bees in your head that’s drowning out clear thought. Then a new demand or the next parent’s evening lands in your diary and your intention of ring-fencing some ‘me-time’ is pushed aside again.

Sound familiar?

As we move into this new season, why not set aside some Spring-Time? Time for you to discover what you want to grow in your life and career.

Q: What do you want more of?




This is step 1. You’ve named it.

Step 2 is to find a picture, a photo or an image in a magazine that captures that word. Make it into a poster and pin it up on your fridge.

Step 3 is to put 30 minutes into your diary when you can indulge yourself in that word. If it’s peace, turn off your phone, lie down and listen to a gentle meditation. Or take yourself for a solitary walk in the country or a quiet park. Perhaps your idea of peace is spending 30 minutes just reading (the luxury!). Put it in your diary and when you’ve given yourself that gift, write me a note in the comments below – what did you do? What was your gift of renewal to yourself?

You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming
— Neruda



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