How to change career


All change!

I’ve written before about what happens internally when we make big changes in our lives.

But what are the typical steps that make up a career change? I’m talking about the things we think, what we actually do, and how we feel in this far from simple process.

It’s tempting to break a process down into clear steps because that suggests we have control, can see what’s involved and do our best to follow this rational and visible path.

But we all know - from messy experience - that life doesn’t understand the rules! Changing career rarely follows these steps in a simple and linear fashion because for every action there is a reaction - and those we cannot control as well as we’d like!

In my experience as a career change coach and a serial career changer, I know that there are identifiable stages involved in changing from career A to career B. That doesn’t mean they will happen in exactly this order or that everyone will experience each step.

Similarly, because career change is not an exact science, there will also be opportunities to change the steps to suit your circumstances and to go back if you need to re-start the process.

So if you’re involved in a career change now or have managed your own shift in the past, do you recognise these stages? And where are you in the process right now? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Where are you on your career change journey?

It’s possible to encounter setbacks at any stage in your transition - and whatever the obstacle or apparent brick wall, it’s also possible to generate new ideas and strengthen your belief that change really is possible.

When you know you need to make changes in your working life but don’t know where to start or how you’ll know the best choice for you, a structured coaching process could be just what you need. The Quickstep Career Change Programme is built on career change expertise and coaching practices to enable you to make the shift you really want. You can read more about it here.

I’d love to hear from you - get in touch below to arrange your free 30-minute consultation. We can discuss your current situation, whether this is the right programme for you - or whether a bespoke series of coaching sessions would enable to get back on track and create a working life that works for you.