Catherine's Story - creating purpose


Sometimes, when we’re on our way to a new career and it’s taking longer than we expected, we just need a spot of inspiration!

Well here’s the story of a career change client who knew she needed to make some changes in her working life, but wasn’t sure exactly what that might mean. I’d known Catherine since she arrived in Exeter fresh from an exciting career overseas. This struck a real chord with me because I’d recently returned from 22 years in Dubai myself and knew that setting up in a new country meant answering some big questions.

What does success look like to you?

Change does that to us. It has a habit of answering one question while throwing up lots of new ones. When we’re re-locating, it’s tempting to settle quickly into a role we can do well. But actually, is this the best bet? Will this provide us with rich rewards for the future?

By digging a little deeper into what these rich rewards look like, we can get closer to the truth of what we want from our work. Is it greater flexibility, freedom, challenge or creativity? Or do we really want greater financial security or perhaps space for learning? Everyone will have their own answers - and this is where it gets interesting.

Ultimately, these questions reveal what success looks like to you and probably the values you hold most dear. And when you know these things, you’re already on your way to creating a more fulfilling and authentic working life.

Catherine’s Story

Catherine’s quest was for more fulfillment, meaning and purpose. She wanted to use her many talents for a cause that meant something to her. This is what she discovered on the Quickstep Career Change Programme.


Does Catherine’s story resonate with you?

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