What career change is right for me?

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How can you know what career change will make you happy? Quite simply, get to know your highest values and these will point the way. This clarity will also reveal what’s missing in your working life right now.

Are you living someone else’s life and is it time to create your own, driven by what matters most to YOU?


How do I know values are the key?

Five years ago, when I finally identified my 5 highest values, I immediately realized that for a long time I’d been trying to live my life according to someone else’s values. I’d been sleep-walking through my life.

As we go through life, we tend to soak up what the people around us prize. 

If our parents, teachers, mentors, bosses, colleagues and other people whose opinion we trust believe success and happiness look a certain way, we’ll absorb some of these views too. So, if financial success, status and stability have been drummed into us as signals that we are doing well, and we achieve all these but feel unfulfilled, what then?

 What then.. is simply that those values – financial success, status and stability – are not YOUR values.

Or at least not the values that you would truthfully measure your happiness by today.       

I wonder when you last thought about what matters most to you? 

What are the values that, if honoured fully, would leave you feeling utter joy and fulfillment?


Once the career changers I work with know their highest values, they have a perfect way to assess new options. That’s why Values are at the heart of all my career change services: The Quickstep Career Change Programme, The Career Clarity Call and (not surprisingly) The Values Discovery Package.

Initially, this can all feel a bit fuzzy – but if you’d like to possess the clarity and confidence that knowing and honouring your values brings, why not consider my Values Discovery Package?

Get in touch for an informal chat. Let’s see what really matters to you and work on how to bring that to life.


 So you know your values. So What?

 When you know your highest values you have clarity and you have confidence.

You can:

  •  Make difficult decisions based on what you authentically value

  • Understand why you’re feeling restless, dissatisfied or unhappy at work >> one of your values is being compromised, squashed or challenged

  • Align who you are with what you do

  • Be yourself


If you already know your values, how often do you consciously act with them in mind? When do you need to strengthen them, or activate them more fully in what you do and how you think?



These are my highest values

When I honour them, I’m fulfilled, happy and at peace

Activate Your Values

If you’d like to be more conscious about living your values, try my printable Values Activation sheet. It helps you focus on exactly what each value means to you and empowers you to change your actions and mindsets to honour these more fully.

You can then be true to yourself. And you’ll be living your own life – not one built on someone else’s measures of success. No more sleep-walking – wake up and build a life that’s truly you.

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It’s like another language

Values aren’t something we necessarily talk about every day. It might feel a little foreign to put them into words to begin with. Here’s what one of my highest values means to me. This is how I describe freedom!

If you’d like the transcript, you can download my notes here.




And you? What is your highest value?

And if you expressed it fully in your life.. what would that be like?


I’d love to hear your answer. Let me know in the comments.. or email me: becky@freestyle-careers.com


Values Discovery Package

Quickstep Career Change Programme

Career Clarity Call

Values Activation sheet

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